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Vegas Visual Design, LLP

Thank you for your interest in learning more about New Media Vegas and helping us spread the word about our company.  We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built, the products and services we provide and our logo.  Please follow the guidelines below for the use of our company name and logo and should you require any additional information please email us at

Company Description

Short Sweet and to the point

Creative full service digital agency based in Las Vegas, NV specializing in the needs of small business and small organizations.  We DO MORE so you can spend MORE time doing the things you LOVE! Domain Names, Hosting, Email, SSL, E-Commerce Solutions, Web Design, Maintenance, Security, Branding & Identity, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Marketing, Management, and MORE!

Our Story

Following the fallout of the 2008-2009 recession in Las Vegas New Media Vegas was created by two individuals determined to make a difference. Friends since they were 5 years old, they had not seen or spoken to one another for 25 years.  In 2022 we rebranded to better represent the full scope of our services, we are now known as Vegas Visual Design, LLP.
A simple hello on Facebook in 2011 spurned what started out as two old friends reconnecting and trading talents to help each other out ended up being a collaborative and created what you know today as New Media Vegas.
Since then Vegas Visual Design has grown by maintaining a fierce commitment to adding value around every corner. Their 360-degree business model brings ideas on the front end, evaluation on the back end, and clear communication and delivery all the way through.
Both Duane & Genie are from Las Vegas and understand the unique marketplace and its diverse makeup. Specializing in the needs of small business and small to medium size organizations, Vegas Visual Design offers an array of services including website design and maintenance, domains, hosting, and email, content management, graphic design, public relations and more.
Client Focused! Committed to Quality! Creative! Passionate! Professional!

Our Company Name

Vegas Visual Design is always written as three words with each word capitalized.

Just like this!  Vegas Visual Design 🙂

VegasVisualDesign:(     Vegas visual design 🙁   vegas visual design 🙁

Our Logo

This is our logo and it is the only one that should ever be used in conjunction with our brand.  It is designed to work well on both light and dark backgrounds respectively and should  not be modified from what we have provided.



Logo Don’ts

  • Do not add effects to the logo such as glows, bevels or shadows.
  • Do not rotate our logo
  • Do not crop our logo
  • Do not display the logo without the .com
  • Do not distort, stretch or skew or logo to fit in a space.  Please scale it proportionally

Minimum Size

Our logo should never be displayed smaller than 150px wide in digital displays

Exclusion Zone

Our logo must always have a clear area surrounding it, free from any other element. To define this area, measure the height of the logo and use half this measure to create the boundary of clear space around the logo.

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